Friends, today in the world there will be hardly any mobile in which there is a popular application which we do not know by the name of Whatsapp Messenger. Today Whatsapp Messenger has become a popular application with millions of users.

Everyone uses Whatapp Messenger on their mobile phones but do you know that Whatsapp can now run on desktop and laptop as well. There is also a desktop version of this, which we know by the name of Whatsapp App web, so I know friends about Whatsapp web.

When WhatsApp web was launched:-

Whatsapp web is a desktop version of Whatsapp Messenger which was launched on 21 January 2015, which was launched for android, blackberry, and window phone users only, but later I will launch it for ios and Nokia users as well. was given. Earlier, Whatsapp only worked on mobile phones, but after seeing the problems of users, it was updated and WhatsApp web was created.

Now you can also operate your WhatsApp Messenger on your computer and laptop. This is a new feature of Whatsapp which has been made to use WhatsApp Messenger on Browser. There is no need to download the app in this and it allows the user to send and receive messages directly from their browser.

For WhatsAppWeb, just once Pairing has to be done from your phone, after that it works automatically.

WhatsAppWeb is also free like WhatsApp Messanger, on which no fee is charged from the company.

How can I use WhatsApp web:-

How to run WhatsApp web on your computer

Friends, to operate WhatsApp Web, you must have a mobile phone and Rear Camera and an internet connection in it.

Step 1 - So, first of all, I go to Web Browser on my laptop or PC

Step 2- search

Step 3-  go to the official web site of as shown in the picture below

Step 4 – then this window will appear

Step 5 – First of all, open WhatsApp in your mobile and in the top corner you will see 3 dots Menu drop-down menu will appear.

Step 6- By clicking on these dots, you will see what is written directly on WhatsApp Web

Step 7 - On clicking WhatsApp Web Scanner will be open  there will be an option to scan QR code on pc  As soon as you scan the QR code, your WhatsApp Messanger will open on your browser so that you can enjoy your WhatsApp Messanger on your desktop or laptop.

How to do logout from WhatsApp web

When you are finished using WhatsApp Web, you may need to logout from WhatsApp in light of the fact that it isn't sheltered to have your WhatsApp Account opened on the PC when you are not utilizing it.

Alternatively you can directly logout from Web simply clicking on Menu icon (3 dots at the upper-right side of the screen)> WhatsApp web> click on Log out from all devices

Information about the function of WhatsApp Web

Friends, here we understand every function of WhatsApp Web from different details, on the image below, I have given a number to each function based on which we understand them in detail below.

  1. WhatsApp profile:- The first options are those of the profile, in this, you can change your profile photo and change your profile name and you can write something about yourself so that the person chatting with you can know.

  2. Whatsapp status:  This option of WhatsApp Web helps you to see the status of your contacts, Whatsaap allows you to write your favorite status. You can create and put any image on the status or you can put a nice social message so that the person who chats with you gets a good message, here we are putting some WhatsApp status for you.

  3. New chat:- Friends, by clicking this option, your Contact List will open, by clicking on it you can start a chat with your friends

  4. Menu:- Friends a menu option is an important option, in this, you will have 6 point shows, which I know in detail.

1.   New group:-  This is an important option of WhatsApp, in this, you can create a chatting group. In Singal Chat, you can chat with only one contact at a time, but in a group, you can chat with many contacts at once and create a good knowledgeable knowledge by creating a chat group of yourself and your family and friends. Ho. The biggest advantage of the group is that there is no need to share different people in it if you share any article or message from your chat box then it will all reach the group member.

2.   Profile:- What is Profile in Whatsapp web?

     You can put a photo of your friends in the profile so that your chatter can know your identity and in addition, you can enter your name. Apart from this, you can write any good things about yourself like your hobbies and your hobbies, etc.

3.   Archived chat:- Friends, this function of WhatsApp web allows you to hide (hide) any chat, for this you have to click on any chat and you will have to press the button of Archive, that chat will be hidden as soon as you click the button. 

      This function of Whatsapp web that we are talking about, you can see your Archived Chat from there, for this you go to your Whatsapp web and where you will see 3 dots, you will see the function of Archived just by clicking on it. Press this and all your hidden messages will appear.

4.  What is Starred in WhatsAppWeb - Friends, do you know what Starred is used in WhatsApp Web. Friends, sometimes we have some important messages which are very useful for us and we use them again and again but our chats are so many times that we are unable to find the message, for this WhatsApp created this function. Huh. We leave our a favorite message with a star and if you want to read that message in the future, you can go to Starred and read it with the photo above, you are told about opening the Starred gallery.

5.  Setting - Friends, I have been given the above information about profile setting earlier and this the function can only make a good status for your profile photo and anything about you that can make a good image of you.

      1.Notification - What is notification setting in WhatsApp web and whats use of this setting  Friends, by clicking on the menu of Notification, you will see 3 Function on it which are as follows

      2.Sound -This function is used to turn on and off Function Message Sound, many times we see that we receive a message, then we hear a sound which is an Alert Sound. And can turn on

      3.Desktop alerts - Many times we see that whenever we login on WhatsApp Web and whenever we receive a message, we see Alerts in the bottom corner on the desktop, which we call Desktop Desktop Alerts. Many times we keep working on another window and we receive a message, then WhatsApp Web keeps alerting us and we get to know about the message. If you want, you can turn off this alert, this function is By default On behalf of WhatsApp Web To switch it off, untick this function, which will stop Alerts coming to your desktop.

4. Show previews - This function works with Desktop Alerts, through this function, you can view Preview of Desktop Alerts without opening WhatsApp Web, but this function works with Desktop Alerts only, if you disable Desktop Alerts then this function is also your You will be disabled

      4. Chat wallpaper in setting in WhatsApp web - Friends, through this function you can change the background wallpaper of your chat area in WhatsApp Web. Whenever we chat on WhatsApp, we can change the color of the chatting area which is through this function

        5.Blocked - This function of WhatsApp Web is used to view Black Listed Contacts. Many times there are many such Contacts who either do not send us good messages or send offensive messages or we do not want to chat with them, then we can blacklist such Contact. Once blacklisted, he cannot lick Contact from us. With this function of Blocked, you can blacklist the contacts and see the list of blocked contacts.

        6 Help - Friends, from this function, we can take help from WhatsApp web, we just have to type our question, so that the help list related to that topic will be opened in front of us. Whatsapp also provides online help with the help of which we can find a solution to our problem.

        7. Search or start a new chat - The option of Search or Start a new Chart allows us to Search our contacts and start a new chat. Suppose we have to chat with one of our friends, then we have to type the name of that friend in the search or start new chatbox and select it and click on it, which will automatically open the chat area.

        8.Chat Area - Friends, this is the chat area where there are messages and image shows done by us, here we can see the chat done by the respective contacts. This is a kind of paper where we write something and it gets saved.

        9.Search - This option allows us to search the message. Suppose we chat continuously with one of our contacts and if we want to find a particular message later from that chat, then we can find it with the help of this option. To find the message, first of all, enter the search box in the search box, such as the first line of the message or the first word of which all the messages related to that keyword will appear in your chat area, from which you can open your required message. Can or see

     10. Attach  - As the meaning of this word is to add. The option of WhatsApp web attachment allows us to add a photo, file or anything in our message or chat. Friends, many times we want to send a photo or any document to our friends or relatives, which is either in our mobile gallery or saved in the computer, then we can not type it, now how to send it to that contact For this, you can send that document with the help of attachment, press the attachment button, for which 4 options will open.

A.   attach photos and videos - If you want to send a photo or video to your contact, then you can use this function, for this click on it, a window will open which will ask you the location of your photo and video in which your file is on the computer or Selecting it from the mobile where it is saved will attach your photo and video as soon as you press ok.

B.  Camera - If your photo or video is not saved in the computer and you have to take a photo or video from your camera and send it, then you can use this function. With this, you can use your camera to send photos and videos through direct camera only. For this, by clicking on this function, your phone camera or webcam will open and through which you can send photos or videos.

C.   Attach documents - Friends, with this function you can easily send any documents such as Pdf file, Ms. Word, Excel, or any other format by attaching documents to your contact. For this also, after clicking on it, you will have to select the file from the to save location of your file and click on Open.

D.  Attach contact - Many times our friends or relatives have to have someone else's phone numbers saved on our contact list, to send that phone number, use the option to attached contact. To use this option, by clicking on the contact,  the contact list will be opened, from which you can select and attach the number you want to send

11. Menu - Friends WhatsApp web has two types of menus, the first one is for setting your own Whatapp and the second is for the setting of chat. option 9 is for the setting of WhatsApp chat, there are many options in this, which we will go into a little detail below.

A.  Contact information - Through this function, we can get complete information about our contact, such as his photos, status, photos sent by him, media and links, etc. Now it also has some functions which also know what we can do and see in contact information.

B.   Photos -In the photo, you will first see the profile photo of that contact, if it is placed on it, then you can click and zoom to see it. The profile name of that user will be shown under the photo and below that you will see his status when he was active like last seen today at 15:40

C.  Media, links & docs - Friends, by clicking on this option, you can know that till date this contact has sent us videos, links and documents from cone. Clicking on it will highlight all those sent by him.

D.  Mute - With this function of Mute Notifications on WhatsApp Web (Mute), you can mute the contact you want. Just like we want to have some contacts who do not message me for 1 month, then you can mute it, in this you can mute that user for 8 hours, 1 week and one year, after which automatically show his message Will start happening.

"Mute notifications WhatsApp Web" Here it is important to tell that the difference between Block and Mute is that once a contact is blocked, the messages of that contact will never come, but if you have mute for some time, then the time will be over. But its messages will automatically start coming.

FAQ(Frequently asked questions in WhatsApp web)

1.      1.       Is whatsap web secured?

whatsapp web is also 100% safe & secure like whatsapp messanger, given the security option, qr code has been given in it. Many applications only change your messages in the code language or code language, but whatsapp keeps your messages up to the end point by changing your messages in the code language or code language, so that whatsapp itself cannot read your message.

2.    What is the difference between WhatsApp and Whatsapp Web?

You can run WhatsApp web on your laptop and pc, but you can only run WhatsApp on your mobile. There is an application of WhatsApp messenger which has to be downloaded in mobile but there is no app of WhatsApp web, it is open directly from the browser. Once you login the WhatsApp app, it is always logged in your phone, but WhatsApp web can be run only by scanning the QR code of WhatsApp messenger

3.     3.  Can I download WhatsApp on my desktop?

Friends, you can now download Whatsapp on your desktop, this option is available for both Mac and Window Pc, in which Windows 8. Must have an operating system of 1 or above

 It is available for both 32 and 64 bit. To download WhatsApp, go to WhatsApp's website click here and click on the link shown in the picture

Here I will be asked about the version to be supported so that you can select the version of your system. By clicking on the selected version, your download will start, which is a 118 MB file. The time to download depends on your internet speed.